A Universe of Absolute Well-Being

“Prosperity is the premise of this Universe. Prosperity is the premise of All-That-Is. It streams to you and through you. You have just to permit it.” – Abraham-Hicks

I’ve said it previously and I’ll say it once more:

Due to the Law of Attraction, I end up in an altogether new Universe – a Magical Universe where dreams truly work out as expected, where Life itself is an unadulterated bliss and where, genuinely, All is Well.

I’m actually flabbergasted!

Preceding Law of Attraction, I lived in that Universe where there’s a steady fight being pursued among acceptable and evil.

Indeed, that is the thing that I was told.

Review life as a timeless battle was a harsh lifestyle choice.

It didn’t draw out the most incredible in me.

It drew out the dread in me and kept me in a steady condition of strain.

Since, in that Universe of good and malicious, “terrible stuff” can sneak up on you whenever.

Along these lines, better believe it, I gave a valiant effort to encounter a greater amount of the great stuff and less of the awful stuff, however the fight was debilitating.

Furthermore, it never truly felt right.

It never truly felt right to me that the Universe would be founded on fighting groups.

Then, at that point, [drum roll please] I discovered Abraham and their message that:

*The premise of this Universe is Absolute Well-Being

*There is just a wellspring of Well-Being that streams

*There is no wellspring of haziness

*Well-Being is our regular state

*Life should be enjoyable!

Despite the fact that I had never heard these stunning, invigorating ideas previously, I quickly realized they were valid. They resounded in the most unimaginable piece of my life in the most unimaginable conceivable manner.

So I gathered my sacks and moved quickly out of the Cosmic Battle Universe into the Absolute Well-Being Universe.

Aaah… that feels good!

Presently, consistently in contemplation, I express profound appreciation that I will live in this Universe of Absolute Well-Being.

I express profound appreciation that:

*everything is continually unfurling impeccably for every single one of us

*nothing at any point turns out badly [even however it may at times give the idea that way]

*we are generally so all around dealt with

*everything that happens is in light of a longing we have and is a challenge to grow toward that path.

“Our responsibility is to pull out judgment from whatever occurs, to recollect that no one but great can come our direction. This opens up the universe to start spilling out endowments.” – Pam Grout

To completely encounter all the adoration and euphoria and marvels accessible to us in this incredible huge superb Universe of Well-Being, it’s pretty much as simple as choosing to:

*look for individuals and things to appreciate and appreciate

*focus on wellbeing instead of sickness

*focus on wealth instead of need

*believe that something great is going to occur.

Since Absolute Well-Being is the premise of this Universe,

we would now be able to unwind

what’s more, be genuinely glad

what’s more, partake in each part of our lives.

What’s more, that, old buddy, is a Game Changer!

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